Micron is leading the charge with DDR5 to improve the performance baseline for tomorrow's applications

By Ryan Baxter - 2018-05-07

Two weeks ago, I mentioned the fact that Micron is enabling the ecosystem with prototype silicon of DDR5. Cadence is one of the companies Micron is working with to enable DDR5. You may have seen the recent announcement from Cadence on their ability to achieve “4400 megatransfers per second (MT/sec) data rate” with the prototype silicon. This enablement effort, early in the process, will bolster the ability to deliver higher confidence solutions for end customers to design to.

Providing products and solutions with confidence is really about getting applications to higher bandwidths faster.

Servers in the Oil & Gas industry with higher speed system memory will be able to perform computational fluid dynamics [CFD] faster because they are traditionally a memory bound workload. This increased computational efficiency unlocked by DDR5 can allow for more robust solutions or solve the same types of problems quicker. The continued increase in computer power has widened the range of applications of CFDs and DDR5 will play an important role in increasing their usefulness to solve industry problems moving forward.

Micron recognizes the growth of applications which need higher baseline memory performance where cost and performance are a balance. The critical factor is to engage in partnered efforts with the ecosystem early to enable the successful rollout. Early engagement enhances the confidence and quality of solutions delivered to meet the application’s performance demands. When Micron collaborates early with enablers like Cadence, we can better prepare for latest and greatest technology rollout.


Ryan Baxter

Ryan Baxter

Ryan Baxter is senior director of Cloud, Enterprise and Networking at Micron.