Demand for DRAM is outstripping supply, but Micron has a solution

By Eric Caward - 2018-04-03

Imagine that the demand for DRAM was higher than suppliers could readily provide. The lack of supply was inhibiting you from bringing your product to market at the scale your business demands. Sound familiar? Envision that you had a trustworthy partner that could help. Well, I want you to think about Micron differently. In an upcoming talk at the Linley Spring Processor Conference 2018, I will show you how, that by thinking outside the box, we can work together to solve server DRAM supply problems, thus enable your business to scale beyond today's limitations.

At the very foundation, Micron is very focused on R&D, demonstrated by the fact that we own more than 20,000 patents. The creativity required for research and development also lends itself well to solving memory related problems for our partners. We looked at a multitude of ways to solve Cloud customer’s needs for increased supply and I would like to share with you one easy solution that we came up with and you can leverage in the data center.

Imagining that demand for DRAM bits is outstripping supply is not needed as that is the reality we are living in today. The good news is that we have a solution. There are actually more usable bits of supply for use in your data center scale-out servers if you are willing to allow system level ECC to work for you as designed. During the bring-up of a new process node many of the early bits work in all ways except refresh related single bit errors. We will explore why these errors happen, how system level ECC can mitigate them, and examine the performance impact of error correction.

Whether we are running a long-term study on servers populated only with known failing modules or if we are measuring the impact of error correct by inducing correctable errors by shorting a DQ to ground we ensure that our conclusions are driven by hard data.

DRAM supply 

Come to the presentation and see how it all fits together, our demonstrated system solution, and how having a better understanding leads to a solution for you where you can tap into DRAM supply that is greater than what you are accessing today.

Eric Caward

Eric Caward

Eric Caward is Business Development Manager for Micron’s Compute and Networking Business Unit.  Eric leverages 19 years of memory system expertise to lead strategy development in the Data Center segment with a focus on enabling solutions for hyperscale customers. Before moving to his current role, Eric spent 15 years in the Systems Compatibility Group where he was a Systems Engineer working on memory qualifications, failure analysis, and system performance analysis.