Convergence of Technology: Autotech Council's Annual Science Fair

By Barbara Kolbl - 2017-10-25

Innovation is redefining industries, AirBnB doesn’t own any hotels, UBER doesn’t own any taxis, and Amazon doesn’t own any retail space. These opportunities are all being driven by the convergence of technology. At the AutoTech Council Science Fair, a cross section of the automotive manufacturing industry came together to discuss where the direction of the auto industry. The Annual Science Fair, where car makers and their vendors and suppliers come to share their innovations and brainstorm ways these innovations can be adapted for new products and services in mobility.

Autotech Council's Annual Science Fair 

Micron, the leader in automotive memory, demonstrated an interactive touch screen demo that highlighted the applications and memory needs in automobiles. Micron DRAM, LPDRAM, NOR Flash, Multichip Packages, SSD, Managed NAND and NAND Flash memory solutions are used in the following applications:

Advanced Driver Assistance Systems

  • Adaptive Cruise Control
  • Automatic Electronic Braking
  • Automotive Night Vision
  • Backup Camera
  • Collision Avoidance
  • Lane Departure Sensor
  • Parking Assistance
  • Smart Headlights
  • Traffic Sign Recognition


  • Heads-Up Display
  • Infotainment
  • Digital Dashboard


  • Phone
  • Vehicle to Everything (V2E)
  • Emergency Call


  • Engine
  • Transmission

To learn more about Micron’s automotive portfolio, go to our Automotive Solutions page.

Autotech Council's Annual Science Fair

Bruce Franklin

Barbara Kolbl

Barbara Kolbl is the strategic marketing communication manage for Micron’s Embedded Business Unit, with a focus on automotive, industrial and consumer market segments.