Architecting the In-Vehicle Experience for Maximum Trust

By Barbara Kolbl - 2016-10-13

The experience for the driver is no longer about engine power and car size only. Nowadays drivers care about how they connect their mobile devices to the car and how the car can help to make driving safer and more convenient. This include not only their personal car, but also rental or shared vehicles.

Micron and Intel™ recently did a webinar on ‘The Path to Autonomy:  Architecting the In-Vehicle Experience for Maximum Trust’ to discuss  the current systems in the car and what they can do along with the  requirements for the future.

In 2030 the majority of people will live in urban areas. Intelligent  transportation will be the only way to allow us to commute. This will  include automated cars, trucks and busses. Technology will allow us to  use our time and resources more efficiently. This technology will be  used by almost everybody, young and old, tech-savvy or not. It will be  built by companies which understand the need of user-friendly  interfaces, safety, security and the challenges of automotive  environments. Intel and Micron are part of that eco-system. Micron is well established and positioned to support the existing functions and  has the innovated solutions to make the automated driving concepts of  our customers a reality.

To learn more check out the on-demand webinar link above or go to Micron’s Automotive Solutions page.

Bruce Franklin

Barbara Kolbl

Barbara Kolbl is the strategic marketing communication manage for Micron’s Embedded Business Unit, with a focus on automotive, industrial and consumer market segments.