Micron Sustainability

By Demi Fisher - 2016-11-17

Earlier this year, Micron formed a new Sustainability organization dedicated to the development and execution of a corporate sustainability strategy. Following extensive executive engagement, this organization was designed around a cross-functional team of senior leaders best suited to develop a corporate sustainability strategy and integrate it into our business operations.  These leaders form our Sustainability Council, collectively representing: Supply Chain, Research and Development, Environmental, Health and Safety, Manufacturing/Facilities, Sales, Investor Relations, Micron Foundation, Legal, Finance, Product Compliance, Risk Management, Information Technology and our Business Units.

Together the Sustainability Council members defined the Council’s intent in our inaugural session in early 2016: Drive stakeholder value through achievement of enterprise-wide Sustainability goals and increased transparency. Guided by this vision, the Sustainability Council has spent the last 8 months developing the Company’s sustainability strategy and designing greater transparency into our operations. This would be a daunting task were it not for the fact that the Council is not starting from scratch.

Over the past 40 years, Micron has grown from a quiet tech start-up in Boise, Idaho to a global semiconductor company with more than 30,000 team members worldwide. Each step of that journey has been buoyed by a company culture centered on a commitment to integrity. This rich tradition of “doing the right thing” means that while Sustainability may be a new organization at Micron, it is not a new way of doing business.  Rather, Sustainability provides us with the opportunity to sharpen our focus and share with you and our other stakeholders our past and present approach to “meeting the needs of the present without compromising the well-being of future generations.”

To assure that our sustainability strategy is optimized, our Sustainability Council relies on the results of a robust materiality assessment to inform its activity. This materiality assessment employs a disciplined process to map those issues of highest value to our business success against those issues of highest value to our stakeholders. The output is a core set of focus areas for sustainability strategy. We think of it as a roadmap on how best to leverage Micron’s core business objectives to drive social and environmental improvement in our operations, supply chain and communities.

Our first major Sustainability milestone is the publication of our first annual Sustainability Report.  Our Sustainability Report represents a new level of transparency into Micron operations and we are proud to share the results with you.

Amit Gattani

Demi Fisher