NVIDIA Launches GTX1080 with Micron GDDR5X

By Kris Kido - 2016-05-10

This past weekend, I had the honor of attending the launch of NVIDIA’s new GeForce GTX 10-series graphics cards in Austin, TX.  NVIDIA hit a home run.  These new cards are absolutely incredible.  Based on the company’s new Pascal architecture, these GPUs are manufactured on 16nm FinFET process technology and deliver amazing graphics with significantly less power at unbelievable price points.  They are also packed with new technology and features that push gaming and virtual reality experiences to an entirely new level.

Particularly exciting is the GTX1080, the most advanced gaming card ever created and the first card in the world to use Micron’s GDDR5X memory.  This card pumps out 9 TFLOPS with 2560 cores offering an unprecedented level of graphics performance and efficiency.  Using a 256-bit memory bus, the 1080 packs 8GB of quad data rate GDDR5X at 10Gb/s cranking out 320GB/s of memory bandwidth.  Jen-Hsun Huang, the CEO of NVIDIA, raved about the benefits of GDDR5X during the launch event on Friday night:

“This memory is so fast.  It is so fast … G5X, the fastest GDDR memory in the world.”

Designed by our specialized team of Graphics memory engineers in Munich, GDDR5X provides NVIDIA with an unprecedented level of memory bandwidth for their new GeForce GTX1080. The bandwidth delivered by Micron’s GDDR5X memory is the result of thousands of hours of teamwork by some of the most brilliant minds in our two companies.

I first talked about Micron’s GDDR5X in September 2015 and in February of this year, provided an update that the technology was on track for mass production by summer.  Today, I am happy to announce that GDDR5X, the fastest discrete memory component in the world, has already entered mass production.  With gaming and virtual reality driving  continuous increases in performance requirements for GPUs, it’s a critical time to deliver higher memory bandwidth and efficiency, and GDDR5X is well positioned to help drive these new efficiencies.

I’ve linked a couple videos from the NVIDIA keynote for those of you who’d like to see it for yourself. The first segment highlights the memory and a few specifications of the GTX1080. The second clip shows some of what the GTX1080 can do—like simultaneous multi-projection for more realistic multi-screen and VR experiences.  This is incredibly fun stuff…it’s going to be an exciting summer in the graphics space.

Kris Kido

Kris Kido

Kristopher Kido is the Director of Micron’s global Graphics Memory Business.  He is responsible for the strategy and execution of Micron’s broad portfolio of high-speed memory solutions that serve the game console and high-end graphics market.  Prior to this position, Kris held a variety of increasingly responsible positions including Director of Business Development for Personal Computing, Director of DRAM Business Development, Director of Marketing for Non-Memory solutions, and a variety of roles in the areas of finance, marketing and strategy.