Innovation Driven – Micron Automotive Experts Share Their Knowledge

By Federico Tiziani - 2016-03-23

ZVEI, the German Electrical and Electronic Manufacturers’ Association, invited Micron to present on the complexity and challenges of using consumer components in automotive environments. The ZVEI workshop “Consumer Components in Safe Automotive Applications” was held in Frankfurt on February 25th. This was the first time a memory supplier was included in the workshop. The workshop was attended by key industry players in the Automotive Electronics Ecosystem; including NXP, Micron, Toshiba, Continental, Bosch, Kostal, U-Blox.

ZVEI’s intent is to influence the automotive industry to be compliant to automotive quality requirements. They are achieving this goal by hosting a constructive dialog with manufacturers and emphasizing collaboration and cooperation in the Auto ecosystem environment.

Drivers and passengers want smart phone like experiences to be available in their vehicles; however, to work in an automotive environment, the components/devices that make the experience possible must meet stricter quality and reliability requirements, that are not necessary in a home or static environment. Automotive technology requires innovation and quality to come together to address the consumer expectations and address the high safety requirements required for automobiles. The adoption rate for leading edge technology has significantly accelerated, forever changing the landscape of automotive design.

Members of the Micron Automotive team, Federico Tiziani, Donato Bianco, & Vincenzo Reina presented a case study using LPDDR4 in ADAS systems. To meet automotive memory requirements in ADAS systems require innovation, quality and safety to be in place at the same time for all the system aspects. In the case of memory, LPDDR4 is a typical case of a product first being launched for Mobile market, but that is being very quickly adopted by the Auto Industry.

Micron and our ecosystem partners have revised their processes and methodologies to meet these design cycle needs, assure customer satisfaction, zero defect target, and a continuous improvement process to be automotive compliant to not only the ZVEI’s requirements, but to TS 16949 and AEC-Q100 standards.  Specific aspects of the strategy encompass from design to supply, such as ultra temp grade support (-40ºC to 125ºC), longevity program, zero defect target approach, dedicated services utilizing our Auto labs.

The common message across all the participants has been quality first with no compromise—and consumer electronics are definitely possible even with the strict automotive methodology in place.

ZVEI Information

ZVEI, represents the economic, technological and environmental policy interests of the German electrical and electronics industry at the National, European and International levels. The organization provides specific information about the economic, technical and regulatory framework conditions of the electrical and electronics industry in Germany.

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