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A Glimpse into the Venture Capitalist Crystal Ball

By Eric Endebrock - 2016-03-01

While perusing recent technology news I came across an article in Inc. summarizing the 5 biggest technology changes as seen by top venture capitalists. Read the article here. In my role as Vice President for Storage Marketing at Micron, I make several trips a year to talk to the venture capitalist community. I have found that they are an excellent gauge to help identify emerging trends and future technology breakthroughs and innovations.

So on to the top 5 predictions presented in the article. What really struck me was that 4 of the 5 predications require new architectures (that don’t exist today) to support their real world use.  Those 4 are:
  • Sensors, sensors everywhere
  • Here come the bots
  • Virtual reality…finally
  • Artificial Intelligence that actually works

I don’t want to comment on each one, you can read the article for yourself here, but collectively these ideas will lead system designers to seek emerging technologies that are capable of supporting the fundamental requirements behind these new models. I see all of them sharing similar traits:

  • They require and produce huge amounts of data
  • They require a near real-time ability to consume the data
  • The actions taken based on real-time decisions directly impact the quality of the experience delivered

What technologies can adapt and handle these kinds of requirements? It is going to take memory technology of all types, but specifically emerging technologies like Micron’s 3D XPoint that are fast enough, non-volatile and can scale to the capacities necessary to support these future trends. It’s no surprise that current innovation from Micron connects with these future and emerging trends. I foresee exciting times ahead.

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Eric Endebrock

Eric Endebrock

As Vice President of Storage Solutions Marketing for Micron Technology, Eric is responsible for positioning Micron as a world-class enterprise brand for the storage ecosystem.

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