Problem Solve with Enterprise PCIe

By Janene Ellefson - 2016-07-07

Problem Solve with Enterprise PCIe 

It’s no secret that enterprise PCIe SSDs are faster than HDDs in bandwidth and throughput. In fact over 60% faster*! That’s FAST!  Enterprise PCIe SSDs are available in multiple different form factors like the traditional AIC (add-in-card), the U.2 form factor and M.2 form factor- which is quickly growing in adoption. So what does this all mean to someone architecting systems or managing a data center?

It means that you have a very cost effective solution that can dramatically improve your system performance and solve workload bottlenecks. Whether you have a traditional storage implementation, or you are changing your storage architecture for one that is more nimble, and scales with your growth, you have fast options that won’t break your IT budget. And the news gets better, Micron is leading the charge with a new line of enterprise PCIe SSDs that are available in low power and small form factors which can give you a 50% power and space savings**. Now that is solving some serious data storage challenges.   

Having been part of the storage market for the last 6 years I’ve seen an evolution in SSDs from a very high price point where only the customers with deep pockets and a demanding workload implemented them, to the present where customers are moving quickly to PCIe SSDs because of the compelling cost, capacity, small form factor options, and performance benefits.

It is becoming clear that this technology is moving into the mainstream. All types of platforms and system architectures are taking advantage of enterprise PCIe SSDs benefits. Environments and workloads like media streaming, read caching and indexing, content delivery, on-line transactional processing, and big data analytics are all seeing dramatic improvements. As these drives start implementing 3D NAND technology the price point and capacities get even more compelling. Enterprise PCIe SSDs can be instrumental in reducing storage overhead while delivering high performance in the datacenter - despite an exponentially growing amount of data. It’s about doing more with less.

Learn more about Micron’s PCIe NVMe SSDs here. I’m excited to see how enterprise storage solutions will continue to evolve and solve performance sensitive workloads. Most importantly, I am excited to see customers driving efficiency in the datacenter with enterprise PCIe SSDs. Got a success story to share where you saw a dramatic improvement in your systems using flash storage, we’d love to hear from you. 

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* When comparing the performance of PCIe SSDs at 3GB/s and 750K IOPs over 15K SAS HDDs at 600MB/ps or even SATA SSD at 420MB/s and 65K IOPs and SAS SSD at 1.5GB/s and 180K IOPS in bandwidth and throughput.

** When comparing the power and z-height of U.2 form factor in Micron’s 9100 to the Micron’s 7100.

Janene Ellefson

Janene Ellefson