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Believe it—SAS SSDs cost less than HDDs (and have far better performance)

By Anne Haggar - 2016-04-26

It’s a challenging time for those of you who are managing a data center these days.  Data growth is explosive, disruptive technology can require complex “rip and replace” cycles and you are being asked to do more with less resources.  You want—and need—to modernize your data center but do not want to invest in a technology that won’t grow with you.  What if there was a storage option that could meet your requirements and deliver a huge performance boost that could really change your business processes?   Micron SAS SSDs can make this a reality.

There’s a lot of buzz about solid state drives and their blazing speed.  Despite their impressive performance against traditional hard disk drives, there is concern among non-adopters about the high price that comes with SSDs.

While it’s true that this new technology costs more per gigabyte and per drive than HDDs, these two storage options perform so differently that you need to look at the bigger picture to uncover the true cost of staying the course with HDDs. Rather than just looking at $/GB of the HDD vs. SSD, I propose we examine the cost/amount of work being done. Simply put, $/IOPS is the key.

Here’s a very specific example.  You have your choice of two options to meet your storage requirements:  you can purchase 16 SAS traditional hard drives or 2 SAS solid state drives.  It’s immediately obvious that buying the SSDs will result in a much smaller footprint, maximizing your precious data center real estate.  Here’s the performance results you can expect:

  • SAS SSDs read IOPS 40X faster than HDD
  • SAS SSDs write IOPS 3X faster than HDD
  • SSDs result in 75% fewer devices to manage and a 75% reduction is storage footprint

We have a clear winner in terms of performance as SAS SSDs do 3x the work in 25% of the space.

The chart below shows actual models and the cost savings you get from choosing the SAS SSDs rather than traditional HDDs.

HDD vs. SSD price comparison

No matter how you look at it, the results are definitive:  SAS solid state drives perform significantly better and cost less.  So while we can’t take all of your data challenges away, we can help to modernize one aspect of your data center thereby saving money and providing a solution that is a smart investment for the future.

Check out our short video to see this transition in progress.

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