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Micron - Leading the Data Center Transformation

By David Oro - 2016-04-13

Yesterday in Austin, Texas in front of a packed room of customers, press, analysts and partners, and to an online audience of well over a thousand, Micron made announcements towards helping transform the data center for their customers.

With an enterprising new look and much fanfare, Micron introduced at its brand new Micron Storage Solutions Center, the Micron Accelerated Solutions, a set of purpose-built, scale-out solutions for open source and software-defined data centers and a new portfolio of PCIe solid state drives (SSDs) that leverage the high-performance NVMe protocol.

“It really is a fascinating time to be in the memory industry, and be much more involved in helping our customers innovate,” said Micron CEO, Mark Durcan.

For companies to truly realize the promise and potential of their data they need an IT infrastructure that can handle the demands and challenges of large, continuous and complex data sets. Today’s existing data center hardware—frame-based arrays filled with bays of spinning media, one that today is separate from compute—is not capable of processing, analyzing and storing business critical data, especially at the volume, velocity and variety for which it is being created. Scaling and driving down costs presents a great opportunity for Micron.

As part of an effort to help transform the data center, Micron announced the opening of the Micron Accelerated Solutions Center, based in the software hotspot city of Austin, TX. This is important because once you start bringing memory closer to compute and into the server, software becomes a key factor.

“This MSSC is our hub for storage innovation,” Steve Moyer, vice president of storage software at Micron.

Inside the MSSC lab, Micron will work closely with customers to run their applications, optimize their workloads, and find ways to enhance their experience with Micron SSDs in their real-world environments. The MSSC is also where Micron leads its research in storage software and where Micron engineers are uncovering a path to better architect storage software and operating systems to take full advantage of today’s flash technology. VMware, Supermicro, and Nexenta have already joined Micron in collaborative engineering and total solutions engagements to deliver all-flash storage solutions for customers.

Micron also announced a new portfolio of PCIe SSDs that leverage the high-performance NVMe protocol. The new Micron 9100 and 7100 PCIe SSDs provide data center customers with purpose-built storage products for implementing an agile, scale-out IT infrastructure. These new drives extend Micron's rich portfolio of SATA and SAS SSDs that enable customers to extend and improve their legacy data center infrastructure with proven flash products. These products are already garner favorable media attention. You can read about it here, here and here.

Micron’s #ThisIsEnterprising roadshow continues to London and Beijing, where the transformation of the data center, predicated on the innovative products and solutions that Micron creates, are sure to be well received.


Amit Gattani

David Oro