Micron CEO Mark Durcan Named Chair of Technology CEO Council

By Corporate Communication - 2015-09-24

The Technology CEO Council (TCC) announced this week that Micron CEO Mark Durcan will serve as the group’s new chair. In the role, Durcan will head up a group of fellow technology CEOs from companies including Intel, IBM, and Dell in advancing policies that support the U.S. tech industry’s innovation and competitiveness.

Micron has participated for several years on the council — the technology industry’s only public policy advocacy organization comprised entirely of CEOs. The group meets regularly with U.S. policymakers on important topics affecting the tech industry and nation. These days, there is no shortage of topics. The list includes immigration, digital protectionism, cybersecurity, tax reform, patent reform, and intellectual property protection.

As a public multinational corporation that is a bellwether in its specific industry, Micron and its CEO understand the synergy between the U.S. and global tech industries. While the TCC’s mission is to support the U.S. tech industry’s ability to innovate and lead, Micron appreciates the big-picture implications on the global picture. The two are inextricably linked. After all, as the U.S. tech sector goes, so too does the health of the global tech industry.

“A healthy private-public partnership in the United States is fundamental to a dynamic global technology industry,” Durcan said as part of the TCC’s announcement this week. “It is important to complement our innovation with a commitment to tax, trade, and immigration policies that help to ensure a level playing field for technology companies competing globally. As chair, I look forward to building on TCC's history of success and am eager to engage on issues like cybersecurity and the rise of digital protectionism."

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