Join Micron at VMworld 2015

By Kirstin Bordner - 2015-09-01

Virtual SAN. Make it SOLID.

That’s our mantra this week at VMworld 2015: “Make it SOLID.” Last year at VMworld, Micron demonstrated the all-flash version of VMware’s Virtual SAN (VSAN). This demonstration prompted VMware’s engineers to work with us to accelerate their support for an all-flash Virtual SAN, which was introduced back in February.  This year, we’re demonstrating what you can actually accomplish with an all-flash (or “SOLID”) Virtual SAN, and we’re showing that it can provide:

  • A lower cost of entry compared to a SAN
  • More flexibility than an all-flash array (AFA)
  • An ~5% cost differential versus a hybrid SAN without any performance cliff

Recently, Micron’s M510DC solid state drive (SSD) was added to VMware’s VSAN Hardware Compatibility List for both caching (480GB) and capacity (all densities). This addition creates an opportunity for entry-level OEM “ready-node” using our 480GB M510DC as a caching SSD.

SOLID Technology 

In our booth, we’re showcasing base reference architectures for SOLID VSANs that you can build—optimized for different application such as:

  • All-SSD Remote Office/Branch Office VSAN Platform
    • Easy Migration and Management, Versatility, and Flexibility.
  • All-SSD VDI-Optimized VSAN Platform
    • Low Cost, Easy Management, and High Bandwidth.
  • All-SSD Database VSAN Platform
    • Get Ultra-High Transaction Rates, Consistently Low Latency, and Lower OpEX with Industry-Standard Components.
  • All-SSD Large-Scale VSAN Platform
    • Cut OpEX and Easily Process Massive Amounts of Mission-Critical Data.

In fact, if you want to see just how much Micron technology we’re bringing to the show, check out this video

If you want to learn more, join us at our breakout session “All Flash VSAN – Is it too Expensive?” on Tuesday, September 1 at 11:30 a.m. We’ll cover the benefits of an all-flash VSAN on your total cost of ownership versus other storage solutions. We’ll also discuss why hybrid VSAN is not an optimal solution.

Kirstin Bordner