Micron Storage: Oh, the Places We’ll Go!

By Kirstin Bordner - 2015-11-03

With camera crew in tow, I was recently afforded the opportunity to interview some of Micron’s storage visionaries. My interviewees are all relatively new to Micron – each having spent a good portion of their career in the “spinning” world of hard disk drive storage. So I wanted to know: Why Micron and why flash? What is our opportunity in storage, and how are we are modernizing the data center?

Here’s what I learned: These guys have a lot to say about the changing world of data storage. After all, it’s a pretty heavy topic that needs to be addressed. According to IDC, data is projected to grow from about 4.4 zettabytes in 2013 to 44 zettabytes by 2020. What even is a zettabyte? When I asked my colleague to help put this into perspective, here’s the analogy he shared with me: “If the 11-ounce coffee you’re drinking were equal to one gigabyte, a zettabyte would have the same volume as the Great Wall of China.” That’s a lot of coffee!

Something else I learned: Flash – along with other nonvolatile memories – is completely transforming how we access, store and manage all of that 44 zettabytes of data: Big data. Small data. Old data. New data. We’re living in the Dr. Seuss era of IT. Data is coming at us from all angles, and it’s not slowing down. Flash is faster, snappier, greener and simply…better.

Enough of what I think though. Check out the video to better understand why flash and why Micron.

Oh, the places we’ll go with flash! Happy viewing!

Kirstin Bordner