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Micron Supports Memory Needs at Intel Developer Forum in Shenzhen

By Redge Villanueva - 2015-05-11

In early April, I had the opportunity to attend the Intel Developer Forum (IDF) in Shenzhen, China. IDF is one of the key technology events where Intel and their ecosystem partners gather to share their latest technology innovations. With almost 4,000 participants attending IDF Shenzhen 2015, the event atmosphere was energetic. 

DJI Drone and Windmill Demos

Micron’s booth attracted a lot of attention with several demos highlighting our embedded solutions, including the popular DJI drone and windmill demos. The DJI drone demo that featured our 128Mb Serial NOR, 1Gb SLC NAND, 256Mb DDR, and 1Gb DDR2 memory proved to be very timely because before the exhibit floor opened to the participants, the attendees witnessed five DJI drones fly across the stage during the Intel CEO’s keynote talk on the first day of the show!


Engineers were inspired by our windmill Internet of Things (IoT) demo, which featured our DDR3 memory on Intel’s Galileo development board and conceptually demonstrated the ability to send real-time energy status levels wirelessly to a power grid station. The windmill was a great use case to show how Intel’s Galileo board can work with Micron’s DDR3 in an IoT smart energy grid application.

Featured Memory and Associated Applications

We also showcased our memory—in most cases, working in conjunction with Intel designs—targeted at these applications:

  • Commercial vehicle tracking systems: Intel’s Brasswell and Bay Trail-I reference boards with Micron’s eMMC and DDR3 SODIMMs 
  • Industrial cellular machine-to-machine (M2M) communications: Intel-based industrial M2M modules with Parallel NOR+PSRAM and NOR/NAND+LPDDR MCPs
  • Open-source developers: Intel’s MinnowBoard MAX with Micron’s Serial NOR and DDR3
  • Vending machine telemetry applications: Micron’s SLC NAND Flash
  • Automotive and loT applications: Micron’s automotive- and industrial-grade e∙MMC Flash 
  • PC BIOS applications: Micron’s Serial NOR with Replay-protected monotonic counter (RPMC) security feature

IDF Shenzhen 2015 gave us an opportunity to show China and the rest of the world that Micron is here to support the memory needs of Intel platforms with our diverse DRAM, NAND,  and NOR Flash  product portfolio. We sent a strong message that we support not only the compute segment in Asia—but also the emerging IoT segment.

Our next stop is IDF San Francisco 2015, August 18–20, where we’re Gold sponsors!

Redge Villanueva

Redge Villanueva

Redge Villanueva is a Senior Ecosystem Enabling Manager at Micron enabling Micron memories on chipset platforms for embedded applications. She has worked in various engineering and marketing roles within the memory industry for over 23 years.