The Top Reasons NOT to Switch to an SSD

By Eric Endebrock - 2015-03-17

Many of us know that moving to a solid state drive dramatically improves your computing experience—it makes booting up your laptop faster, accessing files and applications quicker and, of course, it doesn’t drain your battery life. Yet, there are still some ardent folks out there who are committed to the “old and slow” spinning disks.

For sheer entertainment purposes, my colleague and I were challenging each other to list reasons why someone wouldn’t swap their HDD for an SSD. Interesting subject, I know, coming from an SSD supplier, but here’s what we came up with:

All joking aside, I’ll leave you with some parting thoughts on why you really should swap out the old (HDD) for the new (SSD):

  1. Longer battery life
  2. Higher performance/improved productivity
  3. Faster boot times
  4. Ruggedness and durability
  5. Improved annual failure rates
  6. Quiet computing
  7. Greater data security: faster SECURITY ERASE; delivered in minutes, not hours
  8. Greater data security: encryption without performance loss
  9. Much faster cloning and imaging
  10. Extended lifetime of your notebook; your old PC will run like new 

Eric Endebrock

Eric Endebrock

As Vice President of Storage Solutions Marketing for Micron Technology, Eric is responsible for positioning Micron as a world-class enterprise brand for the storage ecosystem.

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