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A Trip Around the Storage Block Leads to a Flashier Future

By Rob Peglar - 2015-03-05

Greetings all!  I’m delighted to be able to blog again, and I thought I’d start out with an overview of my thoughts around coming to Micron. But, before I do so, I realize some of you may not know me. It’s safe to say that “I’ve been around the storage block” a few times—38 years strong, in fact. Just prior to joining Micron, I was CTO of the Americas for EMC Isilon. Now as VP of Advanced Storage Solutions at Micron, my view of the storage world just got a lot “flashier.”

Following a great run at EMC Isilon, I’ve received many kind words on my move to Micron, to which I owe many thanks. It’s never easy making a change—but everyone here at Micron has been absolutely great, as well as many of my industry counterparts.

The excitement at Micron is truly palpable. When I interviewed with our senior executives, this excitement came through loud and clear. And when I officially joined the company, it became almost deafening—like a hundred cannons firing simultaneously! The pace of engineering work, the marketing growth, the sales momentum, the industry and (most importantly) customer reactions to our new and upcoming product releases, the technology prowess, and a zillion other things about Micron are absolutely brilliant. I am indeed fortunate to have joined at this point in Micron’s history.

Lest you think this blog is just a “pep talk” about Micron—it’s not. Given my history in storage, I wouldn’t have joined the company without keeping current technology and what’s to come absolutely top-shelf, as well as the opportunity to work with top-shelf people. We are leveraging all the correct “curves”: CPU, near-CPU, memory, bus structure, interconnect, protocols, bandwidth, capacity, power, density, convergence, and many others.

But the key to all the improvements in hardware is the leverage of it in systems, and that’s where Micron is, as the kids say, “bringing it.” There is something to be said for a vertically integrated company—one that cannot be matched in the industry—working in systems design. That’s what drew me to Micron. Without outstanding design skills and an end-to-end approach to architecture, there is no "nerd fun" in work—and those of you that know me know that I’m a storage nerd at heart.

As I move forward past the beginning, I believe the future is very bright for Micron in particular and advanced compute, interconnect, and storage in all its forms in general.  The world is inexorably moving toward what Micron has been good at for years, decades really: in-memory compute and fast storage. I look forward to being able to work with the many people who are and will be taking advantage of what we do so well: utilizing outstanding design.

Rob Peglar

Rob Peglar