Join Us Online to Discover the Evolution of the Data Center SSD

By Kirstin Bordner - 2015-07-08

There’s no denying it. The data center/cloud market is breaking into segments differentiated by specific demands for endurance, performance, and competitive price. While the read-many/write-few workloads of many “enterprise lite” deployments could be cost-effectively served by client-class SSDs in the past, this space is evolving and increasingly requiring more enterprise-class features. 

Join us Wednesday, July 15, at 3 p.m. EDT for our new storage webinar called Moving Beyond Client-Class Storage: The Evolution of the Data Center SSD. We’ll discuss moving beyond client-class storage and explain how Micron’s newest data center SSD can easily and cost-effectively address workloads such as search, VDI store, content streaming, business intelligence decision support systems, cloud sourcing, read caching and indexing, and other read-intensive applications. This session is intended for data center operators, IT pros, database administrators, channel partners, and anyone else dealing with the challenges managing these kinds of workloads. 

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The presenter is Matt Shaine, a Product Marketing Manager at Micron, focused on flash-based storage solutions for the data center. 

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Kirstin Bordner