Flash—It Changes Everything

By Steve Moyer - 2015-01-06

Storage systems based on hard disk drives (HDDs) became available in 1956, and storage software developers have spent the nearly 60 years since working around their physical limitations. But Flash-based storage changes everything—starting with the current generation of solid state drives (SSDs).

As someone who has spent more than 20 years working on storage software of various flavors—from global scale file systems to scale-out storage for high-performance computing (HPC), to data protection solutions—I can’t overstate what an exciting time this is to be in storage.  Flash creates an opportunity —in fact, an imperative—to reexamine everything we know about building storage systems and to start again with a clean sheet of paper.  And let’s not forget the emerging nonvolatile memory (NVM) technologies that will continue to up the ante.  Think about it—millions of IOPS per storage device, the unification of storage and memory models, and even the potential to put compute capabilities into the storage itself.  The opportunities are truly mind-boggling!

With that in mind, we’re excited to announce today that Micron has joined the Linux Foundation.  One important reason for this is that many of our customers use Linux in their IT environments, and we are committed to working with the Linux community to ensure those customers have a great experience with Micron memory and storage solutions. However, another important reason is that existing storage software and operating systems must evolve to reap the full potential of Flash and other NVM, making it essential for Micron to partner with the Linux community and others to help drive this evolution.

Flash is fundamentally changing the storage industry as we’ve known it for 60 years.  What are some of your software “imperatives” to keep pace with this game-changing technology?

Steve Moyer

Steve Moyer

Steve Moyer is Vice President of Storage Software Engineering for Micron Technology. He is responsible for leading Micron’s strategy to design, develop, and deploy storage software solutions addressing the needs of virtualization, big data, database management, and cloud-based IT.

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