Why Micron Cares About SpiceHeads

By Jon Tanguy - 2015-02-16

First off, are you wondering, “What the heck is a “SpiceHead?” Well, to the relief of most IT professionals as well as my own, I can reassure you it has nothing to do with the Spice Girls—or with cumin, pepper, sage, or rosemary! Instead, the term stems from Spiceworks, which is a free software application that helps monitor and control all the devices, software, services, and users on a network. It provides an infrastructure around which IT help desks can be created and supported.

Nearly as important as the Spiceworks application are the over six million IT professionals who are participating in the online professional network that has sprung up around Spiceworks. These IT folks are known as “SpiceHeads,” and many of us at Micron and Crucial (our consumer brand) are proud to be a part of this community.

Increasing Our Online Presence

As one of the world’s leaders in developing memory and data storage technologies, Micron brings a great deal of knowledge and experience to the table—and has done so with our customers for decades. However, in this new age of social media, we are starting to expand Micron’s voice on the Internet in a freer form than ever before. You can now see Micron and Crucial regularly on YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, as well as Spiceworks.

Why Micron Joined Spiceworks

Team members from Micron and Crucial have been participating in Spiceworks for about three years now, and we’re finding it incredibly valuable to “play” with the SpiceHeads! Spiceworks is unique in that the community has a common connection around information technology and providing support for the end users of IT.

Not only can Micron team members impart a lot of helpful information to the community from our memory and storage experience, we can get an insider look at the careabouts of other SpiceHeads—many of whom are system designers and maintainers, as well as end-user support staff. They are experts in their fields, dedicated to providing the best and most productive IT solutions for their clients, employers, and end users. They also happen to be existing or potential customers who can either buy Micron and Crucial hardware directly or heavily influence company purchasing agents who do so in large quantities. Keeping in touch with these folks can clearly help Micron provide better, more useable products.

Why I Became a Spiceworks Green Guy

I personally joined Micron’s Spiceworks effort this past fall of 2014 as a “Green Guy” for SSDs. Green Guys and Gals are from various technology providers who can provide expertise to the forum audience on their respective products and services.

Having been an SSD applications engineer for several years—working closely with our SSD design and development teams for five product generations—I can tell the “back story” of SSDs: how they’re built, how they work, how to optimize their performance, and how to pick the best SSD for a particular application. Solid state storage is still a relatively new technology, and even for experienced IT pros, new technology can create a bit of fear, uncertainty, and doubt (FUD). As a Green Guy, I’m glad to help Micron and Crucial eliminate any FUD about SSD technology.

See This Green Guy in Action

To see an example of a Spiceworks forum (and my own contributions as a Green Guy) in action, check out this string about over-provisioning. Over-provisioning is concept that comes up pretty frequently with our customers. We talk about it at length in our own technical material, but it’s good to discuss it in a more informal environment—as a conversation rather than a lecture. The beauty of Spiceworks is that with six million IT pros participating in the Spiceworks forums, you’re bound to find an expert answer on any topic you can think of—very often in just a few minutes.

Join Us on Spiceworks

If you aren’t already a SpiceHead yourself, I encourage you to join us in the Spiceworks conversation! General participation is free. Visit our vendor page, and click “Follow” to keep in touch with us. You can also follow any of our Green Guys, including me! If you really get into it, the SpiceWorld IT Conference is a fantastic way to meet other IT pros in person, learn about the latest technology from the biggest and best IT tech providers in the world, and pick up some pretty sweet swag—I’ve never seen such high-quality giveaways at any other tech show! Plus, as an added bonus, you can meet up with the Green Guys from Micron and Crucial. Hey, it pays to be a SpiceHead!

Jon Tanguy

Jon Tanguy

Jon is a Senior Technical Marketing Engineer for Micron's Storage Business Unit, with a focus on client solid state drives.