Bring Crucial Home for the Holidays

By Sam Harmer - 2015-12-15

Ho, ho, ho! Santa’s on his way with new computer software and games! But are your home desktops and laptops up to the task? Get them ready with a powerful memory upgrade and speedy new SSD from Micron’s consumer brand, Crucial. I’ve been a Crucial team member for 12 years, and in case you don’t already know us, I’m happy to introduce you to our company.

Crucial is one of the largest memory upgrade providers worldwide. We offer an incredible 250,000 upgrades for more than 100,000 different computers. That’s a lot of combinations to keep straight, so we offer two industry-leading online tools: first, Crucial Advisor is the most powerful memory selection tool in the industry; and second, Crucial System Scanner is a small downloadable tool that dives into even more detail about the hardware inside your box, so you can choose the right upgrade based on your system. These tools have already been used over 25 million times. Boom!

But for me, the people are what make Crucial truly unique. Our team is made up of all different types of computer enthusiasts: computer builders, creative case modders, hardcore gamers, engineers and enthusiasts. It’s a pretty epic place to work.

We have cool customers, too, and we talk with them daily on our forums and social media channels. We’re proud to have the most engaged Facebook community in our entire industry. Our social pages are packed with tips and tricks, plenty of humor and big giveaways — hop on and find out for yourself:

So whether you’re upgrading your desktop, laptop or high-end gaming rig, it all starts with more memory and faster storage. Thanks for choosing Micron and Crucial, and Merry Christmas!

Steve Janzen

Sam Harmer