Next-Gen Graphics Products Get Extreme Speed From Latest Graphics Memory Solutions

By Kris Kido - 2015-09-01

Exciting things are happening in the graphics market: the development of next-generation gaming products, increased availability and adoption of UHD/4K (both hardware and content), and advancements in professional design tools, to name a few.  To help enable these advancements, Micron is working hard to deliver the next generation of high-performance graphics memory solutions, and I’d like to share some exciting updates on our progress.

8Gb GDDR5 Is Here

First, I’m thrilled to announce the availability of Micron’s 8Gb GDDR5—our latest high-speed graphics memory solution.  Consistent with our current 4Gb GDDR5 offering, our 8Gb product delivers the extreme bandwidth required for the increasing demands of today’s graphics applications. The 8Gb density also gives our customers the ability to cost-effectively increase the frame buffer (or the total DRAM density of the system).  Why does an increased frame buffer matter?  Because the frame buffer lets consumers and professionals take advantage of the resolutions offered by today’s ultra high-definition displays.

The availability of our 8Gb GDDR5 re-affirms Micron’s commitment to offering the industry’s broadest portfolio of graphics memory solutions to fuel our customers’ innovation.  While today’s announcement is an incredibly important milestone, another important part of the equation when it comes to enabling next-gen graphics capabilities is speed.    

Need for Speed 

Increasing the speed—particularly the overall system bandwidth—is critical in delivering a crisp and lag-less visual experience. Increasing bandwidth can be achieved by going wider (bus), by increasing the data rates of the DRAM, or both.  While revolutionary DRAM options are available today that enable significant boosts in bandwidth by going wider (stacked DRAM, for example), these options don’t always provide the easiest solution in terms of design and manufacturing.  To offer our partners and customers flexibility in their system design while still enabling an increase in bandwidth, our teams have been working on increasing data rates above and beyond today’s GDDR5.

2X GDDR5 Speed

In 2016, Micron will formally announce the launch of a new graphics memory solution with data rates targeting 10–14 Gb/s—an increase of up to 2X today’s mainstream GDDR5 speeds!  Most importantly, this new product will remain in a traditional component form factor, similar to GDDR5, reducing the burden and complexity of design and manufacturing.  Stay tuned for more updates on this exciting new graphics memory solution.

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Kris Kido

Kris Kido

Kristopher Kido is the Director of Micron’s global Graphics Memory Business.  He is responsible for the strategy and execution of Micron’s broad portfolio of high-speed memory solutions that serve the game console and high-end graphics market.  Prior to this position, Kris held a variety of increasingly responsible positions including Director of Business Development for Personal Computing, Director of DRAM Business Development, Director of Marketing for Non-Memory solutions, and a variety of roles in the areas of finance, marketing and strategy.