A SOLID Showing at Flash Memory Summit

By Kirstin Bordner - 2015-08-24

The Flash Memory Summit is one of the most significant conferences held annually to address the latest developments and market trends in flash memory. Just as we have been every year, Micron was at the 2015 conference, where we shared our vision for a SOLID future. 

A highlight from the event was the keynote delivered by Darren Thomas, VP of Micron Storage Solutions. He presented a call-to-action for the industry to think differently about flash—with the ultimate goal of growing total storage deployments worldwide (currently 5%). The keynote venue was packed full, with more than 2,000 people in the audience. He kicked-off the presentation with a creative “user experience” video, which was supported with industry and survey data, as well as a surprise visit by Geoffrey Moore, author of the critically acclaimed marketing and business book, Crossing the Chasm. Geoffrey shared his perspective that flash storage is poised for wider market adoption. After all that exciting news, what better way to top off the keynote than with a FLASH MOB!

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Kirstin Bordner