SSD Management Made Easy (Part 2): Validated Data Sanitization

By Jon Tanguy - 2015-04-07

Last month, Ben Thiel discussed several ways that Micron can help you manage the SSDs in your enterprise.  Today, I’d like to expand on one of his themes—and make an announcement about our M600 SSDs; actually, the announcement applies to all of our client SSDs.

It almost goes without saying that keeping your stored data safe is a huge priority, but it’s just as important to make sure that your data is really and truly irretrievable when you want it gone.  We’ve talked about the methods we use to erase your SSDs, and we’ve come up with tools that you can use to “sanitize” your data.

At some point, though, talk is cheap.  In many cases, it’s good enough to take our word that we really do erase your data. On the other hand, some applications manage data that’s so sensitive, valuable, or confidential that it’s wise to have the data sanitization processes validated by someone besides the SSD manufacturer. We understand this need, and that’s why we’ve contracted with Kroll-Ontrack—an industry leader in data recovery and secure data destruction for a wide variety of storage devices.  Among their many services, Kroll-Ontrack is a pioneer in ensuring data is truly erased from storage devices, including flash-based SSDs.

We’ve earned our first certifications from Kroll-Ontrack for our M600 SATA SSDs. These certifications provide verification that using our Storage Executive software’s sanitize feature leaves no data that can be recovered by either logical or physical mode READ commands via the SATA interface. Our M600 SSD customers can be assured that when they retire or dispose of their SSD, transfer the SSD to a new owner, or redeploy a system to another employee, no valuable or sensitive data goes with the SSD.  The drive is almost literally a clean slate.

As of the date of this post, we haven’t certified other products with Kroll-Ontrack, but all of Micron’s client SSDs use the same data sanitization processes.  We anticipate continuing our partnership with Kroll-Ontrack for other existing and future Micron SSDs.  If you have an immediate need to have one of our other SSDs certified, please let your Micron Sales Representative know.

Jon Tanguy

Jon Tanguy

Jon is a Senior Technical Marketing Engineer for Micron's Storage Business Unit, with a focus on client solid state drives.