Micron’s Commitment to Software

By Steve Moyer - 2015-04-15

In a recent post from Darren Thomas, he discussed some of the exciting ways Micron is building, innovating, partnering, and engaging to change the way we take our flash storage to market.  An important component of this strategy is a commitment to work with the software community to ensure that customers reap the full potential of flash.

To this end, Micron is establishing a Storage Software Design Center (SSDC) in Austin, TX, to complement and build on the great work done by the Micron teams that develop our SSD firmware and management tools. As I type away at my keyboard, I am witnessing firsthand the SSDC build-out, and I am excited to unveil the formal opening in the coming months.

One of the early initiatives for the Micron SSDC is developing a rich ecosystem of application and industry-focused solutions for our data center and enterprise-class SSDs.  This includes solution-level reference architectures, deployment and tuning guides, performance characterizations, and sizing tools—everything customers need to reap the many benefits of using Micron SSDs to accelerate their business applications.

In my previous post,  I talked about how flash and emerging nonvolatile memory (NVM) create an imperative to explore how we can better architect storage software and operating systems to take full advantage of these technologies. Today’s hard drive replacement is just the beginning of what promises to be an exciting journey.  This is another area of focus for the Micron SSDC and one that provides significant opportunity for building, innovating, partnering, and engaging with developers of both open source and proprietary system software.

In what other ways would you like to see Micron collaborate with the broader software community?  Connect with us on LinkedIn or send us a tweet @micronstorage. I look forward to hearing your ideas.

Steve Moyer

Steve Moyer

Steve Moyer is Vice President of Storage Software Engineering for Micron Technology. He is responsible for leading Micron’s strategy to design, develop, and deploy storage software solutions addressing the needs of virtualization, big data, database management, and cloud-based IT.

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