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See It for Yourself! High-Powered Computing From Silverdraft and Micron That Won’t Break the Bank

By Jon Tanguy - 2015-04-14

My colleague Doug has a great post about our friends at Silverdraft—a computer manufacturer who is strikingly different, starting with the fact that one of their main offices sits right in the Jim Henson Studios in Hollywood.  Yes, that Jim Henson!  The folks at Silverdraft are making a name for themselves building supercomputers and workstations that they design with the needs of movie makers and animators in mind. And Micron’s memory and solid state drives (SSDs) are essential to making this magic happen.

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Cost-Effective Creative Computing Power

As Doug mentioned, the hallmark of Silverdraft’s efforts is their Devil & Demon Strategy, which is a means to bring supercomputing power to entertainment houses of every size—because it’s scalable to specific customers’ computing and budget needs.

I’m going to focus a bit on the “Demon” side of the equation.  Silverdraft’s Demon workstations put affordable, creative computing power in the designer’s fingertips.  A Demon workstation networked with a Devil supercomputer can give the creative professional computing power that had only been available to the very biggest entertainment houses before Silverdraft hit the scene.

But Silverdraft’s Demon workstation provides outstanding computing value in its own right.  They are bringing to market a workstation that can contend with the very best machines from the biggest names in the industry—at a much better value.

Join Micron and Silverdraft at 2015 NAB Show

I could keep writing about this breakthrough technology, but I’d much rather show it to you!  The 2015 NAB Show® in Las Vegas (April 11 – 16, 2015) brings together the very best in the entertainment industry—from content creators and providers to the manufacturers of the hardware used to create and deliver the entertainment we all enjoy.  Micron and Silverdraft will be there showing off how the Silverdraft Demon workstation, powered by Micron’s memory and SSDs, goes head-to-head with one of the biggest names in computing ... and wins! If you’re in Vegas for the show, please come visit us at Booth SL15105.  We’ll prove it to you!

Jon Tanguy

Jon Tanguy

Jon is a Senior Technical Marketing Engineer for Micron's Storage Business Unit, with a focus on client solid state drives.