China and Storage: A View from the Huawei Cloud Congress, Shanghai

By Scott Shadley - 2014-10-01

Traveling around China this week and talking to customers, media, and industry experts was an eye-opener. The message that came through the loudest: enterprises in China are cost-conscious, but when the country's leading firms make investments in technology, they are willing to pay for performance and for a technological edge. This is particularly true when it comes to storage.

The big change that I have noticed is that Chinese enterprises are no longer asking, “Do I need to be using SSDs?” Instead, the question here today is, “Which SSD do I need?” Enterprises want the low latency, reliability, and low power of SSDs. They understand that they’ll be gaining in effectiveness and ROI—advantages that increase when they come to us early to discuss their challenges.

This transformation has come from the growing diversity in the types and sizes of SSDs that are available. The choice among SSDs—and the different combinations of SSDs and DRAM—is now so broad that the focus of the industry has shifted away from simple supplier-customer relationships and is now far more collaborative.

At Micron, we partner with customers to figure out what works best for them—and it’s making a huge difference in China. When we can sit down early in the process with a big Chinese company and talk through their needs, we can then go back and create products specifically for those needs, and work with them at every step of the process. 

This kind of partnering is the best way to do business, and it is a big part of what makes working at Micron—and working with us—an incredible experience.

Scott Shadley

Scott Shadley