Gain an Extra Hour of Battery Life With Crucial MX100 SSD

By Jon Tanguy - 2014-11-13

As long as my Crucial MX100 solid state drive (SSD) is installed in my Ultrabook™, I can fly all the way from San Francisco to Tokyo and work nonstop—without needing a back-up battery or a boost from the seatback power outlet. If I can stay awake, so can my computer! It makes my work trips much more productive and pleasant—even though I’m usually relegated to coach. I digress … back to the matter at hand: battery life and SSDs.

Reviewer Benchmarking

According to some recent notebook battery life benchmarking reported by TweakTown, Crucial’s MX100 SSD allows for 658 minutes of work (roughly 11 hours) while several competitor drives peter out anywhere between 7 and 10 hours. This is where it gets interesting: These competitor drives are not much more power-efficient than Seagate’s Momentus Thin hard drives when used in laptops/notebooks. Yes, you read that correctly. They have about the same battery life as a hard drive.

For some reason, this “tidbit” about the SSDs’ battery life wasn’t a big focus of the review—but it should have been. Let’s be honest, why do consumers upgrade their laptop with an SSD in the first place? For more performance and power.

Performance and Power Requirements

Let’s tackle performance first because, from my perspective, it’s easy. To put it bluntly, most SSDs at this value are pretty equal when it comes to performance. There really isn’t a huge difference when an SSD is already so many orders of magnitude faster than a hard drive. Power, on the other hand, now that’s something tangible. And according to TweakTown’s review, the Crucial MX100 SSD’s power lasts a long time—all the way across the Pacific.

I’m certain this post will create all sorts of buzz (good and bad) among reviewers; but really, will a 24 MB/s, 19 MB/s, or 14 MB/s performance advantage allow me to complete my customer presentation in-flight? Probably not. But 11 hours of battery life on my notebook sure will.

Itching to throw in your two cents about Crucial’s MX100 SSD or client SSD battery life? Please leave me a comment below.

Jon Tanguy

Jon Tanguy

Jon is a Senior Technical Marketing Engineer for Micron's Storage Business Unit, with a focus on client solid state drives.