STEM on Wheels

By Micron Foundation - 2014-03-19

Imagine a field trip where you can build circuits, work with robotics and explore 3D printing. Now imagine that field trip coming to you. Thanks to the Micron Foundation and its partnership with Idaho-based Discover Technology, this is now a reality for students across Southwest Idaho.

STEM on Wheels

Earlier today, the Micron Foundation and Discover Technology unveiled a new STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) Mobile Discovery Lab — a bus specially designed with hands-on, interactive science exhibits. In addition to funding the creation of the mobile lab, the Foundation is also providing a matching grant for it to visit 50 elementary and middle schools in Southwest Idaho each year for the next two years.

Joined by local students, educators and members of the Discover Technology team at the event, Micron Foundation executive director Dee Mooney shared her thoughts about the partnership.

“The STEM Mobile Discovery Lab is a unique, innovative way to engineer the future by inspiring the next generation of scientists, technologists, engineers and mathematicians in our own backyard,” said Mooney. “We believe these hands-on experiences will plant a seed for students to think about what their future could be when they pursue a STEM education.”

Discover Technology, a non-profit organization, already operates two STEM Mobile Discovery Labs that serve students in other locations in Idaho. The new mobile lab funded by the Micron Foundation expands the number of students that Discover Technology and its staff can engage during each school visit, and throughout the region.

“Best of all, this lab goes directly to schools, including those in more rural areas whose teachers and students would have to travel to experience a fraction of what this mobile lab has to offer,” added Mooney. “Now we can bring real-life, everyday STEM experiences directly to students and educators alike and begin talking about the paths that open up when you invest your time and effort in these subjects.”

If your school is interested in scheduling the STEM Mobile Discovery Lab, you can contact for more information.

STEM on Wheels

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