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Two years in sea water, a Lexar memory card holds up

By Corporate Communication - 2014-06-13

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VANCOUVER , B.C. (June 4, 2014) –A shipwreck, a lost camera, recovered photos and the power of social media: the story has all the attributes of great marketing and it's true. A Lexar Platinum II compact flash card survived two years in a camera lost on the sea floor but delivered the photos that reunited the owner with his lost memories.

CBC News is reporting on a recovered camera Paul Burgoyne lost in a shipwreck off Vancouver Island in 2012. Two years later, corroded by salt water and quickly becoming the home for multiple species of sea life, the camera was discovered by a member of the Bamfield, Canada Coast Guard who was able to recover the photos from the Lexar Platinum II memory card and use social media to return the card and all its photos to Burgoyne.

Read the rest of the story and see the photos and video that prove the durability of Lexar Memory.

Photo: CBC News | British Columbia (Siobhan Gray)

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