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Recruits: Be Prepared for Change, Challenges, and Opportunities

By Corporate Communication - 2014-06-27

Micron team member Pauline Romanoff was recently featured in an article in Singapore’s Straits Times Recruit section—a “Top Talent” article that provided insights into how Micron is Making a Difference for team members, the semiconductor industry, and Singapore.

Pauline, who has been working with Micron since she graduated with an electrical engineering degree from the National University of Singapore 10 years ago, says, “My job satisfaction comes really from knowing that what I do, and the company I work with, makes a difference by enhancing people’s lives. Memory is an integral part of our daily living, and I am proud of my work at Micron for having such a huge impact on society.”

Pauline describes her job as a site inventory manager as ever-changing and herself as always learning. She says, “The dynamic nature of the semiconductor industry calls for manufacturing agility. In my own work, that means that I’m constantly learning on the job. From formal classroom training to on-the-job mentoring, I have gained a lot of technical knowledge, as well as improved my people management and soft skills.”

Pauline’s role involves forecasting the throughput capability of the company’s wafer fabrication plant to ensure that Micron’s supply is meeting diverse product requirements. She and her team work closely with supply chain, manufacturing, and engineering, as well as the quality teams, to achieve on-time delivery.

“With Micron’s manufacturing locations spread across the globe, interactions with my colleagues are borderless. The company’s diverse range of products and services also means that there are several opportunities to grow, learn, and explore different roles within the company for career development. I’m proud to say that I work with some of the brightest minds and innovators who have sparked a lot of creativity in not just me, but the whole company. It’s an exciting place to be,” says Pauline.

To others considering a career in the semiconductor industry, she advises, “Be prepared for change. Understand that the business is incredibly dynamic and that change is constant. This will help you be better prepared for the challenges that will come your way.”

Micron is the largest semiconductor company in Singapore, with three wafer fabrication plants, one assembly and test facility, research and development, regional sales support, and a shared regional service center. For information about Micron jobs—in Singapore and around the world—visit the Micron Jobs page.

Corporate Communication

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