Micron 16nm NAND Awarded Semiconductor of the Year

By Naga Chandrasekaran - 2014-07-31

Last week, Ramin Ghodsi and I had the honor of accepting TechInsights Semiconductor of the Year award on behalf of our process and product development teams. It’s the second time in a row our NAND process technology has won this award, and marks an important third-party recognition of our cell designs. TechInsights does an exceedingly thorough analysis of the semiconductor design—down to the cellular level—and chooses winners based on the innovation in the design and its impact on the marketplace.

One of my favorite parts of the event was hearing Jason Abt—TechInsights’ VP of Technical Services and a 17-year industry veteran—speak about why they chose Micron’s 16nm Flash for this honor:

“Our engineers get very excited whenever a new Micron part comes in. It’s not that we don’t find other memory solutions interesting, but Micron is always doing something very different and innovative compared to others. That’s what we’re recognizing here today—Micron’s design is truly a unique feat of semiconductor engineering.”

Advancing process technology is critical to meeting our customers’ demands for smaller and faster storage solutions, and scaling planar NAND to sub 20nm dimensions while still meeting quality and cost requirements presented us with significant challenges. It’s rare that anyone outside our development team spends much time looking at our cell designs, so it’s a true honor to see our hard work validated by industry experts. Getting our win broadcast from the billboards in Times Square was a nice bonus, too.

I’d like to take this opportunity to publicly congratulate the design, product engineering, process R&D, and manufacturing teams that brought 16nm NAND to market in record time. This work required significant collaboration, which was (and will continue to be) essential to keeping Micron at the forefront of solid state storage technology.

Naga Chandrasekaran

Naga Chandrasekaran