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Calling All Builders

By Eric Endebrock - 2014-12-03

Now, I know there are more than a few of you (with kids, hopefully) who will read the headline of this post and hope that I am not going to start talking about LEGO parts of recent movies.  Rest assured I am not going down that path.  What I’ve been doing a lot of lately is recruiting the best and the brightest for the Storage Business Unit (SBU) here at Micron.  In doing that, I had a particularly interesting conversation with a candidate this last week that got me thinking about our industry and what it means to work at a great company.

The interview itself went fine, but at one point the candidate told me that today he was “doing” his job and was fully satisfied with how his current employer was treating him, but he really wanted to be “building” something.  That hit me. How many of us are simply “doing” and missing the chance to “build”?  Probably more than want to admit it.  While I had never put it into those words, it was exactly the same reason I now find myself at Micron.

I want to BUILD…

A business.
A brand.
A stronger company.
A new storage powerhouse.

A grand or even grandiose vision, perhaps.  Certainly Micron has a legacy of making great memory.  Looking forward I don’t see that changing, but on top of that strong foundation, I see the blueprints of a much more impressive company—one that I am excited to be building. And I am looking for the type of people who want to build with me.  Anyone can DO, but it takes creativity, dedication, talent, energy, and pushing through difficulty to BUILD.  That’s what founded Micron, and that’s what we want from those who are now joining.  It’s an exciting time to be sure.

What are we building you ask?  I will talk about that more in another post, but if you simply can’t wait, check out our new site and see how we are focusing on the workloads and applications that are reshaping the storage landscape and setting the tone for a future that will look dramatically different than today.  Times are changing in the world of storage, and Micron is at the front of the pack in where things are going. If you are a builder, you might want to check us out—you will fit right in.

Eric Endebrock

Eric Endebrock

As Vice President of Storage Solutions Marketing for Micron Technology, Eric is responsible for positioning Micron as a world-class enterprise brand for the storage ecosystem.

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