Breakout Star in SilverDraft’s Movie-Making Supercomputer

By Corporate Communication - 2014-12-09

Micron’s customers use our technology and products to solve hard and interesting problems, spanning an incredible range of industries. Some of these are in front of us every day, while others are more behind the scenes. SilverDraft is both, as evidenced in our latest blockbuster case study. So, let’s go to the movies...

Feature Presentation: A Micron Case Study

Starring: SilverDraft

Best Supporting Actor: Micron Technology

Plot: SilverDraft, the masterminds behind the Devil and Demon strategy, have created a powerful supercomputing infrastructure that brings a new way for the digital content geniuses to do what they do faster, better and easier. They are able to enhance directorial and artistic creativity by streamlining computer-generated imaging (CGI).


Micron SSDs are found to be a key element in shifting how content is generated from pre-production to production to distribution.

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Corporate Communication

Corporate Communication