CEO Mark Durcan takes the Ice Bucket Challenge

By Corporate Communication - 2014-08-22

On a Friday afternoon that was closer to the low 80s than a hoped-for temperature in the mid 90s, Micron CEO Mark Durcan took the ALS (Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis) Association Ice Bucket Challenge in front of a large group of team members, demonstrating his support for the efforts of the organization fighting to combat this disease.

Responding to the challenge by SanDisk CEO Sanjay Mehrotra for competitors to join hands to strike out ALS, Durcan cheerfully stepped up for the plunge.

“I am more than happy to accept Sanjay’s challenge,” Durcan said. “Supporting our communities and charities is something the Micron team and I are always very passionate about. So without further ado I am happy to be doused with ice water and contribute to the ALS Foundation.”

Durcan extended his ALS Ice Bucket Challenge to MWI Veterinary Supply CEO James Cleary as well as Micron Vice Presidents Darren Thomas and Jay Hawkins just before being doused with a giant Gatorade bucket of ice water.

“That was cold,” Durcan said afterward, “but well worth doing!”

The ALS Association has raised more than $53 million as of Friday morning and the number continues to climb.

Corporate Communication

Corporate Communication