Freescale Forum Attendees Score Free Micron TWRPI Modules

By Jim Cooke - 2014-04-21

Earlier this month, I attended the Freescale Technology Forum (FTF) at the Gaylord Conference Center in Dallas, TX. FTF is a unique networking and learning opportunity for embedded designers.

keynote audience
Attendees gather in early April for Freescale president and CEO Gregg Lowe’s keynote address

The “cherry on top” of this already information-rich conference came in the form of some pretty awesome “freebies”—including an exciting one from Micron. We teamed up with Arrow Electronics, Inc., to offer free tower plug-in (TWRPI) modules—which showcase Micron’s N25Q SPI NOR Flash—to attendees who purchased compatible Freescale modules.


TWRPI (pronounced: twer-pee) connectors facilitate rapid prototyping of peripheral devices—like memory, sensors, and radios—hooked up to Freescale's microcontroller units (MCUs). Designers can use our TWRPI-compatible SPI NOR module—paired with Freescale's Tower platform—to evaluate the effectiveness of the onboard SPI NOR Flash when working in conjunction with Freescale's MCUs. This pairing enables designers to witness (first-hand) the rich benefits of Micron’s SPI NOR Flash—like dramatic read performance and flexible memory partitioning—to more effectively prototype their embedded designs and bring them to market faster.

freescale module 1
Micron’s TWRPI module installed on Freescale’s Tower platform

More Compatibility Coming Soon

FTF attendees could also pick up complementary Freedom boards from Freescale, which feature the new K-64 processors. With Freescale’s soon-to-be-released FRDM-TWRPI adapter, designers will be able to evaluate Micron’s TWRPI SPI NOR module using Freescale’s Freedom boards as well.

freescale module 2
Micron’s TWRPI module installed on Freescale’s K64F Freedom module using the FRDM-TWRPI adapter

View Micron’s TWRPI SPI NOR Module documentation for schematics and code examples compatible with the MQX operating system supported by Freescale’s Tower platforms. 

Jim Cooke

Jim Cooke