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By Micron Foundation - 2014-04-30

Through partnerships, programs and volunteer efforts, Micron and the Micron Foundation have helped Virginia students see how science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) play a role in everyday life and can be part of their future. On April 30, these efforts took a significant step forward as Micron and longtime partner SySTEMic Solutions helped launch the Northern Virginia Technology Council’s (NVTC) STEM Challenge.

During a special kickoff event on April 30 all three organizations promoted the Challenge, which brings the local tech community together to pledge a minimum of 10,000 volunteer hours in the coming year to help students develop their love for any of the STEM fields. The event also provided specific information to potential volunteers interested in getting involved to create enhanced opportunities for K-16 students studying science and technology. The event was organized by the NVTC Workforce and Education Committee, which is chaired by Micron’s Manager of University and Academic Relations Zuzana Steen.

Attendees heard from a variety of expert speakers who spoke about the impact of volunteers and mentors on the education system and the best ways to support teachers and students, the role of businesses and their employees in supporting STEM education and the rewards to businesses in terms of professional development for their employees, employee retention, brand name recognition, team building, goodwill in the community and developing a pipeline of long-, mid- and short-term talent.

The NVTC event and the overall Challenge also reinforce Micron’s impact in STEM education across the region through its efforts and ongoing partnerships with organizations like SySTEMic Solutions. Zuzana Steen and other Micron team members were also recently featured in a Washington Post article about SySTEMic Solutions, a regional education and training program. The article details how SySTEMic Solutions partnerships and programs help inspire local students and create a broader regional impact by growing the STEM pool of talent.

For more information about these organizations and the NVTC STEM Challenge, please visit the links below:

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