Tame the Boot Storm

By Janene Ellefson - 2013-05-14

If you manage a network of virtual machines, you’ve probably experienced the negative effects of a boot storm too many times. These virtual storms can occur when a large number of users log in to a virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) system simultaneously. If the VDI system employs traditional storage, like hard disk drives (HDDs), bandwidth gets overwhelmed quickly. Slow boot times and reduced productivity ensue, often resulting in frustrated and less-efficient users.

Our ultra-high bandwidth PCIe solid state drives (SSDs), including the new P420m SSDs, can help tame these storms. Configure the SSDs to appear as virtual storage devices within the virtual machine’s framework, and the negative effects of boot storms are virtually eliminated. Our internal tests show remarkable improvements when replacing HDDs with Micron’s PCIe SSDs in this manner, including performance on par with a much more expensive network-attached storage (NAS) configuration.

We’ll share more details on our PCIe SSD tests in the coming weeks. In the meantime, learn more from this video about the advantages PCIe SSDs offer for VDI systems.

Janene Ellefson

Janene Ellefson