Richard Murphy Interviewed in IEEE Spectrum

By Richard Murphy - 2013-06-19

Last week, contributing editor Mark Anderson asked me to comment on the imminent release of the 2013 Graph500 Benchmark. The Graph500 is a rating of supercomputer systems that perform graph search workloads that happen in our lives every day—from academic and scientific research challenges such as genome mapping to commercial graph problems being addressed by companies such as Facebook, Amazon, and Netflix. As chair of the Graph500 executive committee, I am always happy to bring more awareness to the existence of these complex data problems and how memory is playing a key role in the solution. Watch for the release of the Graph500 at this year’s International Supercomputing Conference.

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Richard Murphy

Richard Murphy

Dr. Richard Murphy is a Senior Advanced Memory Systems Architect for Micron’s DRAM Solutions Group and is focused on future memory platforms, including processing-in-memory.

Prior to joining Micron in 2012, Dr. Murphy was a Principal Member of the Technical Staff at Sandia National Laboratories. He also worked as a technical staff member at Sun Microsystems and served as the Principal Investigator of several advanced computing R&D efforts, including projects for the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) and the Department of Energy (DOE).

Dr. Murphy’s specialties include research and development of computer architecture, advanced memory systems, and supercomputing systems for physics and data-intensive problems. He has led several large multidisciplinary teams in the successful creation of new technologies.  He also cofounded the Graph 500 benchmark and currently chairs its executive committee. 

Dr. Murphy is Adjunct Faculty in the Electrical and Computer Engineering Departments at the Georgia Institute of Technology and New Mexico State University. He is the author of over two dozen papers and two patents. He holds a PhD in computer science and engineering, as well as an MS, BS, and BA from the University of Notre Dame. Dr. Murphy is a Senior Member of the IEEE.