Using SSDs to Accelerate Virtual Environments – A Risk-Free Trial

By Scott Shadley - 2013-01-31

What’s the most logical method to extend support of virtual server platforms and VMWare usage models with SSD storage? Software solutions that make the most of the existing infrastructure while adding the least number of complications.

Micron is always on the lookout for great ways to help customers enable NAND-based SSDs in existing platforms. While there are a lot of different Flash caching programs out there, Micron chose to partner with award-winning Proximal Data because their AutoCache™ solution and support seemed like the best choice for working with VMWare.

The creative management schemes embedded in the AutoCache product make the most of existing solutions. It’s also easy: Autocache is provided on a free trial basis, and Proximal Data has offered to directly loan customers a Micron SSD to test and implement this innovative solution in a very efficient and pain-free way. Customers have already begun taking advantage of this program with successful transition from existing HW solutions to a Micron-Proximal Data package.

Partnerships like the one we have with Proximal Data are going to continue to drive innovation and acceptance of SSDs and Flash-based storage solutions in the years to come—stay tuned as we work with our customers to develop a case study on our AutoCache alliance.

Learn more about Proximal Data's sample program.

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Scott Shadley

Scott Shadley