Great Tasting and Less Filling?

By Doug Rollins - 2013-01-29

Our new P400m Enterprise SSD delivers. Performance? Got it. Endurance? Yup, got it (up to 7PBs worth). Reliability? Sure.

But all at a great price point for the mainstream Enterprise space? Yeah…we’ve got that one too.

Thanks to a combined effort between our NAND and SSD teams, we built the P400m from the ground up—from silicon to fully tested and qualified product. And we designed it with features that set it apart. Features like RAIN, DataSAFE, and ReCAL are part of our new XPERT suite of enhancements—all designed in-house to boost the performance and reliability of enterprise SSDs.

Check out our XPERT Tech Brief to learn how our eXtended Performance and Enhanced Reliability Technology (XPERT) feature set extends performance, enhances drive (and data!) reliability, and gives us the design flexibility to make SSDs that meet exact application requirements.

Doug Rollins

Doug Rollins

Doug Rollins is a principal technical marketing engineer for Micron's Storage Business Unit, with a focus on enterprise solid-state drives. He’s an inventor, author, public speaker and photographer. Follow Doug on Twitter: @GreyHairStorage.