Standout Features of New Serial NOR

By Massimo Fava - 2013-12-10

We’ve just released our latest 45nm Serial NOR MT25Q high-density product family that brings several benefits to embedded designs like set-top boxes (STBs), networking infrastructure equipment (routers), and industrial applications. Today, I’ll give a brief overview of two of these benefits.

Instant Power-On

Most of us have experienced the convenience of almost-instant device startup and wake from sleep when using our tablets and smartphones. And we only want more instant power-on for a wider range of devices. This need opens up new challenges for us memory solutions providers: we have to keep components thin and small with higher capacities and high reliability,  stability, and longevity—all while speeding time to market and boosting code download times to satisfy customer needs.

To help meet these demands, we’ve designed our new MT25Q Serial NOR family in smaller form factors and with the fastest performance seen in high-density NOR. Our MT25Q device has the highest 133 MHz clock supported at quad I/O configuration today. Its applications can obtain up to a 66 MB/s transfer rate so that 64MB (512Mb) of code data content can be downloaded in less than one second.

Figure 1: Code Download Time - 133 MHz, Quad I/O

Improved Firmware Updates

At Micron, we know firsthand that system downtime is incredibly costly to an organization—especially in production environments. Our new MT25Q Serial NOR runs firmware updates much faster thanks to its programming speeds of up to 2 MB/s—the fastest programming performance currently in the SPI NOR industry.

Serial NOR MT25Q cuts the time needed to program the firmware in half and improves erase performance. These improvements provide great benefits to production environments and to the end-user’s firmware update process, decreasing the risk of a power failure during a firmware update.

Figure 2: MT25Q Performance Benefits (Parts Programmed/Hour)

Figure 3: MT25Q Program Time by Density

Committed to NOR

We’re committed to supporting our customers with high-performance NOR—both now and in the future. We designed the MT25Q Serial NOR with drop-in compatibility to existing serial NOR products and will support the MT25Q product line for the long lifecycles that are typical of embedded designs.

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Massimo Fava

Massimo Fava