Why Latency Matters

By Janene Ellefson - 2013-04-30

When you think about system performance, you have to think latency. In an IT environment, latency affects everything—from efficiency and throughput, to customer satisfaction and operating costs. We are confident that our SSDs can help solve IT latency issues

It’s not often we get to laugh at latency problems. For countless businesses—especially cloud and data center environments—latency is a serious challenge.

Enter our new P420m PCIe SSD. Its ultra-low latency enables fast, predictable system and application response times. But that’s not all. Thanks to Micron's XPERT feature set, the P420m improves reliability and performance—providing the same level of great performance as our other PCIe SSDs, but at a more accessible price point for the enterprise.  And it’s built from start to finish with our closely integrated custom-designed controller, 25nm multilevel cell (MLC) NAND technology, DRAM, firmware, and drivers, which makes it an even more reliable, vertically integrated storage solution.

Janene Ellefson

Janene Ellefson