Micron’s Xi’an Site Supports Education at Rural Primary School in China

By Corporate Communication - 2013-04-22

In partnership with the Micron Foundation, a team of volunteers from Micron’s assembly and test facility in Xi’an recently visited Longquan Primary School located in Danfeng District (300 km/186 mi from Xi’an City) to launch a support plan for the school. Established in 2005, the school is located in an undeveloped campus in a mountain area with 70 students and five teachers. Its three classrooms and four dormitories are in dilapidated conditions, lacking basic teaching instruments and living materials.

For the past few months, MXA and the Micron Foundation built the entire supporting plan as part of the site’s community program. This one-year plan will provide Longquan Primary School with basic facility equipment and help underprivileged children enjoy better education. Specifically there will be computers setup, school uniforms and other donated materials. Prior to the visit, team members donated a variety of materials including books, stationeries, sport equipments, warm clothes and quilts suitable for children between the ages of 5 and 12.


Corporate Communication

Corporate Communication