PCM—Agent of Change for Future Architectures

By Valentina Arrigoni - 2012-09-17

It’s no secret in the memory industry that existing technologies are running into scaling issues. As we all know, the problem is in the physics. But so is the solution, and that’s why we’re excited that The Economist’s Technology Quarterly took notice of phase change memory (PCM)—the emerging technology that the publication posits as being poised to “lead to a radical shift in computer design.” PCM’s bit-alterability, fast random reads, low power consumption, lack of scaling difficulties, and extreme endurance (currently at 1 million write cycles, and counting) make it a leading candidate not only as the next generation of nonvolatile memory, but also for use in computing and storage systems. Read The Economist article. Learn more about our PCM products or read our white papers, The Evolution of Phase Change Memory and PCM: A New Memory Technology to Enable New Memory Usage Models.

Valentina Arrigoni