Enabling Business Application Acceleration—Without Changing Existing Software of Data Storage

By Scott Shadley - 2012-11-05

Recently Micron chose to work with a few select organizations to support SSD enablement in the market. While doing due diligence and research to ensure the best support possible for our customers and their needs, we were able to find a great partner in the SSD caching software market through Velobit. Velobit recently launched a campaign to support customers with a trial of their software and loaned them an SSD to test, as well. When Micron and Velobit began discussions, it was very much a case where like-minded individuals just hit it off. The goal of both companies is supporting customers with the right products for the right solutions.

Together with Velobit, we decided that it doesn’t make good business sense to have customers go unguided into purchasing a product that may or may not fit their needs, and then forcing them through the hassle and expense of returning it. To encourage the development of more SSD-based storage systems, we thought it seemed logical to implement a “try before you buy” program. Not just a no-hassle return policy, but the complete customer support needed to choose the right solution in the first place—from the NAND Flash media itself all the way to the software. So you can get the combination of the right software from Velobit and the right SSD from Micron on a risk-free trial basis.

At the end of the day, there is more need than ever to ensure proper support, whether through the right software in Velobit, or the correct SSD from Micron (P300 SLC mainstream SSD, P400e MLC enhanced entry-level SSD, or Enterprise PCIe SSD extreme performance SSD). This new relationship provides customers everything they need to ensure their SSD needs are truly satisfied. To learn more about our SSD enablement activities, please contact us at

Scott Shadley

Scott Shadley