State Resolutions Adopted to Honor Steven R. Appleton

By Corporate Communication - 2012-03-21

During the last few weeks, the states of Idaho, Utah and Virginia approved resolutions honoring our former Chairman and CEO Steve Appleton. Each state resolution acknowledged Steve for his contributions to their communities, professionally and personally.

“We truly appreciate the thoughtfulness of each of the state governments proposing these resolutions,” said Micron Idaho Government Affairs Manager Mike Reynoldson. “It means a lot to the Micron family to have Steve’s legacy – as a husband, father, businessman and philanthropist – remembered throughout our Idaho, Utah and Virginia communities.”


House Joint Resolution No. 36

Sponsors: Russ Fulcher and Mike Moyle


Senate Joint Resolution No. 25

Sponsors: John L. Valentine and John Dougall


House Joint Resolution No. 392

Patrons: Charles J. Colgan, George L. Barker, Richard H. Black, Linda T. Puller, and Richard H. Stuart

Senate Joint Resolution No. 191

Patrons: Jackson H. Miller, Richard L. Anderson, L. Mark Dudenhefer, Timothy D. Hugo, L. Scott Lingamfelter, Robert G. Marshall and David I. Ramadan

Corporate Communication

Corporate Communication