ISC12: Supercomputing Takes Center Stage

By Dean Klein - 2012-06-21

Much to report on from ISC12 in Hamburg, Germany. The weather’s been good, and the food is… German, which means good and rich! But the memory here is what’s really impressive. This is a supercomputer show, and while the CPU and GPU vendors are all bragging about their latest advances, the role of memory in these impressive machines cannot be underestimated. The new Top500 supercomputer list was announced earlier this week. The Fujitsu-designed K supercomputer has enjoyed a year on the top of the heap, but the new king of the hill is the IBM-built Sequoia supercomputer, just brought online at Lawrence Livermore National Labs in California. I spent some time with the folks from Lawrence Livermore and IBM digging into this supercomputing solution—stay tuned for tomorrow’s blog post to find out what I learned! 

Dean Klein

Dean Klein

Dean Klein is Vice President of Memory System Development at Micron Technology. Mr. Klein joined Micron in January 1999, after having held several leadership positions at Micron Electronics, Inc., including Executive Vice President of Product Development and Chief Technical Officer. He also co-founded and served as President of PC Tech, Inc., previously a wholly-owned subsidiary of Micron Electronics, Inc., from its inception in 1984. Mr. Klein’s current responsibilities as Vice President of Memory System Development focus on developing memory technologies and capabilities.

Mr. Klein earned a Bachelor of Science degree in electrical engineering and a Master of Electrical Engineering from the University of Minnesota, and he holds over 220 patents in the areas of computer architecture and electrical engineering. He has a passion for math and science education and is a mentor to the FIRST Robotics team ( in the Meridian, Idaho school district.