An Engineer’s Dream Come True: HMC named “Best Technology of 2011”

By Brent Keeth - 2012-01-30

When you’ve invested a lot of hours and hard work into developing a new technology, it’s rewarding when your labors get noticed. That’s why we were especially excited when our Hybrid Memory Cube received some really BIG attention, The Linley Group’s Analysts’ Choice Award for “Best Technology of 2011.”

Hybrid Memory Cube

HMC has been in development since 2006 and represents the combined efforts of three cross-functional teams: logic layer designers, DRAM design engineers, and our advanced packaging team. These teams were challenged to think beyond the evolutionary path of memory and focus on developing a technology that would overshoot industry expectations in terms of raw bandwidth and energy efficiency—an engineer’s dream come true! One of the more unusual challenges we faced was how to test HMC—its performance is literally off the scale, which means there’s no existing infrastructure that would be able to measure the remarkable specs it delivers. So we designed HMC to measure itself, literally—the testing capability is built right into the chip. Now that we’re moving from the prototype stage toward actual production of this revolutionary product, the HMC Consortium (HMCC) is leading the effort to create in industry-adoptable standard and bring HMC to market.

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Read the press release about HMC’s “Best Technology of 2011” award. Learn more about HMC technology Find out about the HMC Consortium at

Brent Keeth

Brent Keeth