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By Corporate Communication - 2012-04-11

Micron Foundation joins state leaders to recognize outstanding educators

Sparking passion in the next generation of innovators begins in the classroom, where educators play a giant role. The Micron Foundation support educators who inspire and help students connect math and science with their everyday world, including three deserving Idaho teachers who recently received the Governor's Industry Award for Notable Teaching in Science (GIANTS), which includes a $2,500 cash prize. 

Additionally one teacher from each educational level received an Honorable Mention award with a cash prize of $500. Student councils that nominated winners and honorable mention recipients will receive a $500 and $100 cash stipend, respectively. 

The GIANTS program was initiated by the Office of the Governor and is sponsored by the Science and Technology Roundtable. As a coalition member, the Micron Foundation is one of the several technology and education organizations in Idaho that support the GIANTS program. 

2012 GIANTS Award Recipients

  • Dick Jordan, Timberline High School, Boise
  • Jason George, Vision Charter School, Caldwell
  • Elizabeth Brubaker, Lakeland School District Gifted and Talented Teacher, Rathdrum 

2012 Honorable Mention Recipients

  • Paul Shaber, Fruitland High School, Fruitland
  • Mike Stansel, Rocky Mountain Middle School, Idaho Falls
  • Tauna Johnson, Genesee Elementary School, Genesee

Photo Caption: Elizabeth Brubaker, Jason George, Dick Jordan, First Lady Lori Otter, Mike Stansel, Tauna Johnson, and Paul Shaber.

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